Serving a clientele of UHNW individuals and luxury lifestyle management firms, we offer bespoke sourcing and reselling solutions for unique, limited edition, and collectible luxury leather goods and accessories. We pride ourselves on two things; a wealth of experience spanning more than 15 years in the industry and the quality of our service from beginning to end. We’re experts in our field and we know the brands that we sell inside out.

Supported by a sophisticated logistics infrastructure, we work with clients across the globe to deliver a unique and seamless experience. With international offices in France, Hong Kong and the USA, we’ve extended our service offering to include private viewings and sourcing consultations; maintaining absolute confidence amongst our clients and global network.

Whether we’re reselling, sourcing or commissioning, we offer 100% guarantee on authenticity and a statement of condition on all items. We provide full records of provenance along with CITES documentation for all regulated items, plus copies of all relevant customs declarations, including proof of paid import duties. We only sell inventory that we have verified by a physical inspection of the item and its associated paperwork at one of our locations around the world. Furthermore our supply chain is carefully managed to ensure only fully compliant and approved logistics partners handle our items.